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  1. Face It. Hip-hop is grown.

    Category: Blog/Music Industry

    Face It. Hip-hop is grown. Written by Kool Kila - Face it. Hip-hop is grown. Hip-hop has BEEN grown. And rap music is a full-fledged genre now. You can see hip-hop's influence ...
    Saturday, 26 March 2011
  2. When Rap Leaves the South

    Category: Blog/Bands

    We have experienced forms of rap gain their prominence in a region, blow up, and move on after a season leaving the region wondering why they lost the spotlight.  Being a child of hip hop, I never ...
    Saturday, 06 November 2010
  3. Stanza - I Am Stanza

    Category: Mixes/Artist Feature Mixes

    I AM STANZA presented by: Dj Judge Mental and DJ TooMuch -Download Now-
    Thursday, 14 October 2010
  4. A3C Hip Hop Fest 2010 Choosing A DJ

    Category: Blog/Music Industry

    DJ Judge Mental talks about how to choose the right DJ for your mix tape and how to creatively market your music. DJ Judge Mental speaks with Atlanta artist ...
    Monday, 11 October 2010
  5. Fat Beats: End of An Era

    Category: Blog/Music Industry

    Fat Beats: The End Of A Hip-Hop Era by Corey Takahashi DJs Nazareth Nirza (left), aka Rhettmatic, and Michael Buchanan, aka House Shoes. September 19, 2010 Fat Beats, a world-renowned ...
    Sunday, 19 September 2010
  6. 80's Hip Hop Mix part. 1

    Category: Mixes/80's Hip Hop

    80sHipHopMixPt1_DjJudgeMental.mp3 Download Now Free Dj Judge Mental KRS-OneJudgeMentalIntro Beastie Boys Slow and Low MC Shan Left Me - Lonely Sir Mix-A-Lot Posse ...
    Sunday, 15 August 2010
  7. 90's Hip Hop Clean Mix 001

    Category: Mixes/90's Hip Hop

    90sHipHopClean001_DjJudgeMental.mp3 Download Now Free Biggie Smalls Dead Wrong Biggie Smalls Big Poppa 2 Pac How do you want it DMX How Its Goin Down-clean 2Pac ...
    Sunday, 15 August 2010
  8. 80's Hip Hop Mix part. 2

    Category: Mixes/80's Hip Hop

    80sHipHopMixPt2_DjJudgeMental.mp3 Download Now Free Big Daddy Kane Word To The Mother (Land) Mc Shan Down By Law Biz Markie Make The Music With Your Mouth Boogie Boys ...
    Sunday, 15 August 2010
  9. JudgeMent Nite (UStream)

    Category: Media/Live Video

    Tune in to JudgeMent Nite each Tuesday night at 9pm EST to hear the music of independent music artists reviewed and critiqued by Dj Judge Mental and other important ...
    Saturday, 10 July 2010
  10. International Appeal - Local Feel

    Category: Biography/Bio and Benchmarks

    From Nightclubs to the Air Waves, Dj Judge Mental knows no boundaries.  His love for many styles of music has allowed him to tour both locally and internationally. Hip Hop, Electro, Dance, Top 40, ...
    Monday, 25 May 2009
  11. 80's Hip Hop

    Category: Category

    Mixes of Hip Hop through the 1980's ...
  12. 90's Hip Hop

    Category: Category

  13. When Rap Leaves the South

    Category: Comments

    I was born in Savannah but raised in NY and NJ. I live in the ATL now for 14 yrs. Hip Hop isn't going nowhere no time soon and that comes from someone who's been in the hip hop game 25 yrs as a songwriter, ...
    Monday, 15 November 2010
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