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The Most Versatile DJ You'll Meet In Dj Judge Mental's 20 plus year career, he has evolved into one of the most well diversified DJ's in the US.  If there is an element of DJ’ing that Dj Judge Mental hasn’t done, then it hasn’t been created yet.  Atlanta based DJ Judge Mental takes the title of DJ as seriously as any earned professional title should be. 
The Marketing Power of a DJ What's the best way to draw a crowd at an event?  Great music!  Dj Judge Mental knows how to capture whatever audience or demographic you are looking for.  He has experience with partnering with marketing groups and national brands to promote new products.
The Art of DJing It's more than just the 40,000 songs at his fingertips, it's the experience and ear to know what to play and when.  Dj Judge Mental started out as a Turntablist and with fast hand work he turned his turntables into two finely tuned musical instruments.
International Appeal - Local Feel From Nightclubs to the Air Waves, Dj Judge Mental knows no boundaries.  His love for many styles of music has allowed him to tour both locally and internationally.
More than a DJ Blogger, Producer, Consultant, Personality, Host, Critic... These are just a few of the additional titles that Dj Judge Mental has been given over his long career.  Years of experience and involvement in media have allowed him to earn a very respected opinion.

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