When Rap Leaves the South

RapLeavesSouthWe have experienced forms of rap gain their prominence in a region, blow up, and move on after a season leaving the region wondering why they lost the spotlight.  Being a child of hip hop, I never lived in NY, never lived on the west coast, and moved to the ATL just before the South gained its dominance. I've been a part of its growth and have reveled in its popularity, but  now, unfortunately, my residence in the south during the growth and evolution of southern music will also allow me to witness first hand how a region inevitably cannibalizes itself and loses its dominance.  I'm here, and this is what I'm seeing and this is why the south's grip on hip hop is slowly slipping away. Each time hip hop picks up and leaves a region it doesn't leave unfruitfully however.  The true stars, the true artists will remain in the spotlight even after the region is no longer getting the most shine.  It looks like for now the list is pretty short (T.I., Outkast, Gucci, Ludacris, Jeezy, and B.O.B.) Do you really know of any others that will be significant once the south is no longer the hot spot?

SouthernRappers, T.I., Outkast, Gucci Mane, Ludacris, B.O.B, Jeezy, Dj Judge Mental

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