The Marketing Power of a DJ

Dj Judge  Mental working with Pinnacle Marketing Group promoting the new HTC Aria  phone

"Dj Judge Mental was fantastic!  He was professional and energetic, taking the time to understand our goals for the event and incorporating the messages into all of the announcements throughout the day.  I would recommend him for any future event!" - Colleen Giannini, Pinnacle Marketing Group







What's the best way to draw a crowd at an event?  Great music!  Dj Judge Mental knows how to capture whatever audience or demographic you are looking for.  He has experience with partnering with marketing groups and national brands to promote new products. Keeping the high energy, hyping up your product and making your promotional event a party is what Dj Judge Mental can do your marketing events.

Recently Pinnacle Marketing Group hired Dj Judge Mental to help cell phone manufacturer HTC to promote its new smart phone, the Aria.  All day long, Dj Judge Mental drew hundreds of consumers to test drive the new Aria phone and helped HTC and Best Buy stores generate new phone activations and increase brand awareness.