If there is an element of DJ�ing that Dj Judge Mental hasn�t done, then it hasn�t been created yet.  Atlanta based DJ Judge Mental takes the title of DJ as seriously as any earned professional title should be.  Starting young, in his 17 year career as a DJ he has covered every element and musical style of the art.  Radio Mixer, Radio Personality, Turntablist, Night Clubs, Exclusive Events, Mixtapes, Concert Tours, International Club Features, Remix Production, and even recording with chart topping artists are all included in Judge Mental�s repertoire.  On his mixtapes you�ll hear Judge Mental remind you of his alias �The Stealth Bomber...You won�t see me coming, but you�ll damn sure know I�ve been there�, but as this DJ�s popularity and accolades continue to grow there will be no way for him to stay �stealth� and below the radar. 

Dj Judge Mental began DJ�ing in Greenville, North Carolina while in college.  Quickly he created a monopoly on DJ�ing college parties throughout the city by having three mobile DJ systems, mixtapes in local record stores, managing the college radio station, and being a mix DJ/Personality on the college�s campus radio station.  After graduating with a degree in Broadcasting and Audio Production, Judge Mental moved directly to commercial radio at WIKS-FM.   �Being a commercial radio DJ sped things up a lot�, says Judge, �I found myself having access to major artists for mixtape features and even opportunities to open up for major artists like Junior Mafia and the Notorious B.I.G.�  With this momentum and access Judge Mental began producing remixes and soon got the attention of then LaFace A&R Kawan �KP� Prather.  �I sent mixtapes and remixes everywhere, not knowing what kind of response I�d get, let alone what to do if I got one.  KP called me and began sending me Outkast and Goodie Mob acappellas to remix.  I didn�t realize it then, but not many DJs could just get acappellas from the studio like that.  I knew it was time to step my game up even more.�  Judge Mental�s decision on whether to move to New York or Atlanta became clear with the developing relationships at LaFace.

Once in Atlanta, Judge Mental hit the streets hard with mix CDs and began to nurture what is now a strong foothold of relationships in the southern music scene.  His first series was a series of blend CDs that incorporated his unique style of blending layers upon layers of Hip-Hop and R&B acappellas, instrumentals, and sound bytes into a continuous non-stop mix that flowed together as if to tell a story.  With judicial titles like �The Verdict�, �Back In Session�, and �Vinyl Decision� the mixtape series quickly spread up and down the east coast as requests for the CDs began coming in from New York to Texas.  Soon, Judge Mental hit the airwaves again with features on Atlanta�s WVEE and daily mixshows on WMKS, before being stolen by the competitor to mix at WIBB in Macon, GA.   As the popularity of Dirty South music rose, Judge Mental spun off another series of mix CDs under the title �Dirt Law�, which held unique on the mixtape circuit because of the non-stop mixing of new and exclusive Dirty South tracks that you�ll find on this CD.  Dirt Law has taken on a huge life of its own and has featured a who�s who of Southern artists as hosts and features.  �I like to focus on that hot artist that is �next-up� to give them that extra push into the mainstream or that artist that has a fan base but needs more shine to get back in the light,� says Judge Mental.  Artists that have collaborated with Judge Mental on his mix CD series include Nivea, Goodie Mob, Xscape, Rasheeda, B.G., Slick Pulla (CTE), Citty (SlipNSlide/Def Jam), and  Alfamega (Grand Hustle) to name a few.

Currently Dj Judge Mental is one of the most sought after DJs for his top notch mixtape production and club appearances.  Producing 12-20 mixtapes a year, performing in some of the Southeast�s biggest night clubs, and touring internationally has allowed the �Stealth Bomber� Dj Judge Mental to drop payloads of influence on the music industry and has definitely left his mark on the south.

Dj Judge Mental Career Highlights:


      Four International Tours

      Scratching credits on Coach Carter Soundtrack (song with Ciara)

      Scratching credits on Xscape�s �What�s Up�

      62 Nationally Distributed Mixtapes

      4 Internationally Distributed Mixtapes

      Opening for Notorious B.I.G. and Junior Mafia

      Opening tour with LaTocha Scott for Anthony Hamilton

      BET Rap City appearance Dec 05

      BET Rap City appearance Jan 06



      2006 SEA Awards �Slept On Dj� of the Year Award

      2007 SEA Nomination for Best House/Dance/Bass Mixtape

      2007 SEA Nomination for Best Skills on A Mixtape



      Royal Court DJs, Atlanta

      Major Movez Entertainment, Germany

      WIKS � 101.9 FM

      WMKS � 92.3 FM

      WIBB � 97.9 FM

      WKXN � 107.9 FM

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