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More than just a DJ, or Entrepreneur, IT Professional, Marketer, Producer, Media Consultant, or any other box that they've tried to put me in. I am Judge Mental and I want to communicate "with" you so that we can build a relationship. This newsletter is called The Edutainment Business because I want to make sure that whether you are in the music business, just love business, or just love music, you'll find something here that interests and/or enlightens you.

In This Issue:
* The Future of CD Sales - Commercials on Plastic?
* 5 Steps to Keep Your PC Safe Online
* New DJ Judge Mental Mix CDs
* Dirt Law Radio - Meet the DJs
* Artist to Watch - Tocarra
* Jawar's Motivational Corner - Source of motivation on Twitter?
* @DjJudgeMental Twitter Replies - Business Advice from Twitter Friends
* Shout Outs


Please listen to my demo Commercial

 - the Future of CD Sales and You

We are in the very last years of selling music stored on a hard piece of material and considering that record companies were based off of the idea of charging you for the part of the music that you put your hands on (vinyl, cassette, CD) their business model is shot too! So where does this leave the music artist? Well if they have a true talent it leaves them (read more)
I'm Judge Mental and I'm a PC - And I keep my PC's running fast and safe online by keeping up with a few simple practices.  Visit the Judge Media website for 5 Essential steps for keeping your PC safe while online.

New Mix CDs from DJ Judge Mental

DJ Judge Mental

Until the King Returns:

(live at Club Crucial)


With live segments from T.I.'s Club Crucial, this is possibly one of the first CDs of this kind.


Featuring Exclusive New and Live Music from:



Young Dro

Bobby Ray (B.O.B.)

Yung L.A. and more


Check out the CD at

DJ Judge Mental presents:

Dukes of Daville "We Are Music"


�We make Southern hip-hop/funk/soul music; it�s kind of hard to pinpoint but we just say we create good music. It�s something that you can listen to with your parents.� So say the Dukes of DaVille when prompted about their upcoming debut on Capitol/EMI, Time Machine.


Check out the CD at

@nick_love: Relationships trump EVERYTHING!!! Relationships will get you where talent, experience, money, etc won't.
@DJ_Tone:There's nothing more important than your GOOD name
@RichGrahamAyo: Always have something to offer. It takes leverage for people to respect u in business especially if they don't know u
@thebiggdm: Remain humble at all times, and work with clients based on relationships and business saavy.
@phatredg: "If it isn't written, it doesn't exist."
@Tiwaworks: the most important lesson I've learned is.. you will Lose in's just what you do after you lose that is crucial to success
@Maestro: Work with people who I can grow from even if the check doesn't clear, or don't move a muscle if money's not involved
@TwittieDaPooh: In business, ain't nothin funny...#!(@# betta have my money....and my honey.

Do You or Your Organization Need Motivation?

Motivational Speaker, Author, Business Consultant -JAWAR

JaWar is a Motivational Speaker, Author & Business Consultant. He speaks and consults on personal achievement, Internet marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), monetizing (making money online) your Internet presence, book publishing and the music business. Visit

Artist To Watch: Tocarra

Tocarra�s sweet and sexy voice is ushering in the next generation of hip-hop soul. With songs that are at once new and familiar, Tocarra pours her heart and soul into her music. In comparison, there is no one like her. She has a style of her own, and it is clear and apparent to you at first listen and sight.

Get a first listen of Tocarra

Visit her EPK on Sonic Bids

Tocarra's first single

"I'm Out" featuring Young Dro

is featured on DJ Judge Mental's

Until the King Returns - Grand Hustle mix CD

Visit and

Meet the new DJs bringing the mix on Dirt Law Radio:

DJ Excalibur


DJ TooMuch


Shout Outs!

Hittmenn DJs (DJ J-Free get well soon), Zone 4, Kaspa Da Don, the Big DM, StrongArm Management, Stanza, Bobby Ray, TJ, Amir Boyd, Avery "[email protected]" McBride, StarLITpr, Kenny Hamilton, Mo, Reilley, , Nick Love, Greg Glaze, Rich Graham, Angela Nash, DJ Excalibur, DJ TooMuch, Charlamagne the God, Rovella Williams, P.Brown, DJ Triple J, DJ Nez, RocHarder Magazine, Mykel Myers, Will Murphy, DJ King Arthur, DJ Feel-X, DJ Soul, my 4,500+ followers on Twitter! For those that I missed blame it on the rush and my mind, not my heart.  Catch you next time.  Session Adjourned!


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